Sculpt Nutrition: 12 an 24 Week Macro Coaching 

At Sculpt we break down nutrition in a easy to follow plan. This plan paired with our knowledgable coaches and support from our certified Nutritionalist has proven to get long lasting results. 

When you sign ups you will receive a questionnaire as well as the following information: 

--What is a macro information sheet

-- Macro tracking tips and tricks sheet

-- Macro cheat sheet 

-- Example days of eating in MyFitnessPal format

-- Initial Macros (provided after questionnaire is completed)

-- Weekly report sheet which will use to when checking in with your coach (provided after questionnaire is completed

Sculpt is a program designed to fuel the body while yielding results. We want you to feel amazing as we work through these 12 weeks with you.  


What do you get to eat? 

What you want, within your macro break out. 

What are MACROS? 

Macros is short from for Macronutrients, you may know them best as carbohydrates, fat and protein. 

Protein - Meat, Fish, Tofu, Chicken...

Carbohydrates - Grains, Fruits, Veggies, Sugar...

Fat - Butter, oil, nuts...

What does macro counting work? 

When we eat these macros in the right combination for our body type, age, and fitness level we can custom build goals for the body we have always wanted. It truly is that simple. Stick to the numbers and you will have great success. 

Do you tell me what to eat? 

Now, we are not a meal plan! This is flexible dieting, meaning you can eat real foods and are not limited to one version of a healthy menu. We will help teach you how to track your food in MyFitnessPal and you will be able to eat the food you love while staying within your macro goals. We have found that clients stay on track best when not locked into a meal plan. 

Can I get in touch with my coach? 

All of our coaches are available to you as you need them throughout your 12/24 weeks. They are just one click or phone call away. In addition to a direct line to your coaches you will also receive access to our "Sculptors" only Facebook page. This page is full or ideas, motivation and information. 

How often do I check in with my coach? 

You will have weekly online check in's with your coach, allowing macro adjustments,. This is a huge part of our program! Many programs offer one set of numbers that can be unrealistically low and cause the body to plateau after seeing some marginal results. We slowly work with you to create continual success on the program. In addition we offer all the motivation you need to keep up and keep going!! 

12 weeks image sculpt .gif

Sculpt Nutrition is not like any other program on the market. We are proud to have an in house Nutritionist (Jessica Vreeken) on hand to help with any of your nutrition questions. We can even take on speciality clients such as pregnant or nursing mothers and well as those with additional health concerns that may affect how their body responds to weight loss or muscle gain.

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