CrossFit is the most effective exercise plan in the world.

Far more than a group fitness class, CrossFit is individual coaching in a group setting. Workouts are different every day; intense; but altered for each participant’s level.

At CrossFit Durst we offer 3 class styles all included in our monthly unlimited rate.

CrossFit WOD - Our most popular class that includes strength, conditioning and skills in each session. Offered daily at multiple times per day.

Build - Increase physical strength, increase time under tension, increase maximal lift capabilities. M/W/F 6:30 PM SAT 9:00 AM.

Burn - Get ready to sweat in this 30 min METCON. M/W/F 9:00 AM & 4:00 PM. Sunday 8:00 AM (Full Hour)

Everyone journey starts with a free no-sweat intro today. We will go over how to get started and figure out which class is right for you.

We also offer a free beginners class Fridays at 6:30 PM.



Everyone starts 1on1 or small group sessions to integrate at their own pace, learn safe effective movement, and allows us to figure out what will be appropriate for you in a group setting.

Private On-Ramp:

- 3 x 1hr sessions, Flexible times

- $195.00


Small Group On-Ramp:

- 2 weeks, 4 x 1hr sessions

- Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 PM

- $195.00 or Free with one year membership term.


Unlimited Classes

Take advantage of all 3 of our programming Streams. CrossFit WODs, BURN & BUILD.

3-6x’s per week.

$140 / Month

All prices are subject to HST.



Sunday Full Hour BURN.

8:00 AM.

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