Muffins; cupcake’s boring cousin!

Yesterday, I made a stop at Tim Horton’s. To be honest, it’s not something I do on a frequent basis. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the occasional tea or hot chocolate.  I also made the decision to pick up a muffin. When I got home and entered my spontaneous visit to the beloved Canadian coffee shop. Let me tell you. I was shocked. More shocked than a Dietetic student who is a macro coach should be. It got me thinking though, if I am shocked how many other people are being fooled by the ‘Healthy Halo’ effect on muffins and other foods?

 So, let’s talk about muffins; cupcake’s boring cousin. Does this sound like you? “I have a fairly healthy breakfast: a coffee two cream, and sugar and a muffin. “ 

Muffins tend to get a good reputation by being oven baked, whole grain, no icing (like the fun-lovin’ cupcake), and many varieties have fruit or vegetables in them. That’s GOT to be good for you, right? - Maybe not as much as you’d like to think. 

The average Tim Horton’s muffin contains 376 Calories, approximately 32% of which coming from fat. My personal favourite, Lemon poppy seed, is 370 calories, with 14g of fat per muffin. That’s 34% of calories from fat! Devastating, I know.  

Hold on a second Jess, I make my own muffins. That’s way better than any store bought muffin. Well, it can be but only because you have more control over the ingredients, and there would be no preservatives in the ones made at home. I would suggest doing a nutrient breakdown on your favourite homemade muffin recipe. You’ll have a much better idea on how much energy you are consuming. Some people forget that food you make at home still have calories associated with them.

I’m not saying that none of us should ever eat muffins again. I’m just suggesting that we be more aware of what is in our food. Question your ingredients, especially if they’re believed to be healthy.


Keeping you food conscious,

Coach Jessica

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