Sculpt’s Ten Tips to Thanksgiving 

Holidays like Thanksgiving can be stressful for those how have been working diligently at shedding some of their extra weight. There is often a feeling of dread when it comes to large family get togethers focused on massive meals. With a few simple changes, this (and other) holiday feasts become a lot less stressful. Here at Sculpt, we encourage our community to enjoy their gatherings with their family, because those memories have more value than any numbers ever could. Let these tips ease your conscience, knowing that you are still making healthy choices while choosing family time over weighing food.

  1. Start with a smaller plate
    1. You are visually satisfied looking at a full plate (even though the plate is smaller)
    2. You may find you are satisfied with only the one smaller serving
    3. Going for seconds won’t feel as cumbersome with a smaller dish  
  2. Veggies first
    1. Not only are veggies typically less Calorie dense, but offer more nutrients and fibre
    2. Leaves less room for the heavy stuff
    3. Aim for at least half plate to be salads and veggies
    4. Starchy Vegetables don’t count
  3. Starches Next
    1. These are simple carbs, provides satisfaction to the meal
    2. Aim for a quarter of the plate
    3. Sweet potato, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.
  4. Meats and alternatives last
    1. These are usually the most Calorie dense (with the gravy, and other dressings)
    2. Leaves you feeling the most heavy/tired after the meal
    3. Aim for the final quarter of the plate
  5. Dessert Decisions
    1. Use a small plate
    2. Pick one all-time favourite, or
    3. Pick a seasonal exclusive
  6. Beverages
    1. Remember your water
    2. Limit all alcohol
    3. Try sparkling water with a lime wedge
  7. Mashed Potatoes
    1. Add in/exchange for turnip. It’s slightly less starchy and adds a unique flavour!
    2. Exclude the cream/cream cheese when making.
    3. Try Salsa as a topping. 
  8. Sweet Potato
    1. Exclude the brown sugar/maple syrup while making
    2. Try with cinnamon and almond butter (makes a great dessert alternative)
    3. Try as a savoury dessert with Blueberry compote 
  9. Beware of Salad Dressings
    1. Dressings often have a lot of oil
    2. Salads with fruits and nuts often need less dressing, if at all
    3. Expand your salad palate. Try a new salad recipe!
  10. Enjoy yourself!
    1. One day doesn’t make or break your diet (or your progress)
    2. It’s what you’re doing consistently that counts
    3. Guilt of indulging can lead to guilt-eating ( and that is one vicious cycle)

Happy thanksgiving from your Sculpt coaches! Don’t forget to share your food and family on our Members’ Page. We look forward to seeing you on there!

Keeping you food conscience, 

Coach Jessica

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