July Programming Focus.

In June, we saw a few unique focuses...

1.) Re-tests from February (“Death Row” and some of our favourite Open workouts).

2.) Tempo prescriptions for our main lifts.

3.) A weekly dose of the AMRAP Mentality.

4.) Continuing our Weightlifting Wednesdays with progressing the clean and snatch. We’ve seen great progress and patience in all of our lifts -- respecting the tempo and slowly progressing the clean and snatch.

With this in mind, here’s what you can expect for July!

First, we are going to continue our Weightlifting Wednesday trend. Through July we will progress toward single-rep heavy efforts in the EMOM format. This will set athletes up well for retesting their 1RMs in August. Next, we will see our benchmark retests from March...get ready for: “Cali Bear”, “Jackie”, and “Helen”. Last (but not least), we are going to experiment with layering in a squat cycle through July and August. You can expect to squat at least 2x/week for load and/or volume as well as progress further towards heavy rep-max attempts via a 5-3-1 progression. Another added benefit to the timing of this cycle will be retesting the 3RM Front Squat and the 5RM Back Squat both in September. Get ready to ride the gain train!


Welcome to the BURN challenge!

Ready to jump into a challenge, ready to get a little more out of your workouts?

Welcome to the BURN challenge!

We love our BURN class but know that the time slot is hard for many members to attend, after some thought and consideration we did not want to lose the class due to low attendance we instead want to create a weekly challenge that all members no matter what time they attend WODs can still participate.

So our BURN challenge was born. Starting tomorrow Monday, June 2nd, you will now see our challenge listed under the BURN heading in SugarWOD. How will it work?

M/W/F will be a cardio challenge with the goal will be to improve or build on this challenge over the week. T/T is a focused on mobility.

9:00 AM and 4:00 PM will no longer be a coached classes but most of our coaches are around during this time, and I am sure they can be encouraged to jump into this challenge with you. Or rock out the challenge from home or before/after your regular wod. Be sure to track your scores in sugar wod as these challenges will be regularly repeated.

Here is week one so that you have an idea of what this will look like:


3 rounds

5 men/6 ladies minute to get as far as possible

1000m row

than max burpees in the remaining time

1-minute rest between rounds.

Your score is the total number of burpees.


2 minutes per position (see board for images)

Standing forward fold

Dragon R

Dragon L

Seated straddle


Scorpian R

Scorpian L


3 rounds

5 men/6 ladies minute to get as far as possible

1000m row

than max box 24/20" jumps in the remaining time

1-minute rest between rounds.

Your score is the total number of jumps.


2 minutes per position

Standing forward fold

Dragon R

Dragon L

Seated straddle


Scorpian R

Scorpian L


3 rounds

5 men/6 ladies minute to get as far as possible

1000m row

than max, KB swings 50/35# in the remaining time

1-minute rest KB swings rounds.

Your score is the total number of burpees.

We hope that everyone can jump in and out of these challenges each week when time allows. If you are participating before or after a wod, please be considerate of the class at hand.

Any questions, please reach out. Also if you have a fun idea for a challenge, please write it out in full and send to info@crossfitdurst.com.

I will be at the gym on Monday at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to answer any questions and help people get set up for this challenge.


Coach Jacqui


Our Jason Khalipa Approved Recovery WOD

Are you crushing it in the gym, day after day pushing your body to new limits? Are you hitting the gym 5-7 days a week just because you love the WOD posted or feel so good, why not? Are you hitting so many PR's that your name is always on the PR board! 

We are thrilled that you are making so many strides in your fitness but we also know that rest and recovery is extremely important for your long term performance and goals. 

I know, but you still want to come to the gym, you feel better after you get moving and will take a rest day tomorrow. Does this sound like you? 

If so we have a solution. Take 1-2 days a week for and use them as an active recovery with the below WOD. This is a Jason Khalipa staple that he uses when he wants athletes to recover and stay fresh in their training. 

Here it is: 

EMOM for 20-40 minutes (you can pick)

Min 1 - Bike

Min 2 - Step Ups

Min 3 - Row

Min 4 - Skip

Min 5 - Plank

As a recovery, this is meant to be at 50-60% effort. 

Now on the flip side if you are looking to get some extra cardio in your life you can use this exact workout at 80% effort and get your SWEAT on! 

Give it a try next time you are feeling sore but still want to hit the gym. 

Coach Jacqui 

Photo credit: Sherry Smith Photography

Model: Coach Stephanie Dinsmore




What is it and how to bring it into your routine.

A few months back we started offering our Build program 4 times per week on the schedule. BUILD is different from our regular WOD classes as the focus is purely on strength, power and mobility.

These class run in a 10-week cycle but you can jump in and out anytime. Each day follows its own programming for the 10 weeks. So if on week 1 we are back squatting on Monday, you will know that every Monday will be a focus on squats.

Each class follows the following break out:

Warm up - Specific to the main lift

Main - The focused lift

Secondary - Additional opposition work

Accessory - Cash out to finish off the class

Now how to work this into your training,? We know that life is busy and committing to 4 days a week may not be realistic. But can you commit to one? Or even two? Maybe your weakness is upper body pushing strength (think push-ups) well then Wednesday is your day (see break out below). You can do this instead of the WOD or in addition, depending on your conditioning level. Not sure? Ask a coach for their opinion.

The programming does change every 10 weeks but here is an example of what to expect.

Monday - Squat

Wednesday - Push (Bench or Press)

Friday - Pull (Deadlift or Clean)

Saturday - Body weight and explosive

Can't make our assigned class times? No problem all of the programming including the warm-up is listed in our SugarWOD app for members to access. You can truly get this done when it works for you. Rock out open gym times or grab a squat rack during class time. Not sure about a movement as a coach.

This is a great perk to any CrossFit membership, take advantage and start turning those weaknesses into your strengths.

Coach Jacqui

Photo credit: Sherry Smith Photography

Model: Member Tammy Sault


Welcome Back Coach Rich!

We're very excited to officially announce that Rich will be back coaching at CrossFit Durst!

Rich has a tremendous amount of experience and passion for CrossFit and for being a CrossFit Coach!

Coach Rich has already started a new challenge in his 10 000 Reps to Mastery FB page. Head over to his page and give it a follow!
His goal is to help you get, and hopefully master, Bar Muscle Ups. He's looking for people play to along and share in the journey. He'll be working on this for the next 100 days and posting his progress on 10 000 Reps as well as suggested skill and accessory work to help everyone reach their goal.

What are you waiting for? Go follow him!
 Welcome back Coach Rich!


Macro Friendly Recipes

Let me guess, you started to get on track with your nutrition you figured out macros or calories, and now you feel like you have no clue what to eat or how to track it. I hear you, it can be overwhelming at first so this post is just for you. Below are a few of my go-to websites for healthy macro friendly recipes. These sites provided the macro and calories breakout for you! You can see at a glance if the recipe is going to work within your goals. Enjoy!


https://www.skinnytaste.com Most of these recipes are on the lower fat side. You can always add a little fat with nuts or avocado.

https://www.veganproteinlab.com/high-protein-vegan-recipes (VEGAN FRIENDLY) 

https://iifym.com/macro-friendly-recipes/ Great recipes but not as much consideration to quality foods, just keep that in mind.

https://paleomg.com No breakouts but I love a lot of these, I use the recipe function in MFP and import the recipe to get the macro break out.

If you have a site that you love and included the macros, please add it to the comments. :)

Are you ready to take your nutrition to the next level? Use the link below to book your free Nutrition Consultation.

Coach Jacqui

jac nutrition.jpg

RX is Overrated!

RX is overrated

Yep, I said it, those two little letters next to your name are actually screwing up your fitness journey! Think about it, why did you get started in CrossFit?

Maybe it was it to lose weight?

Maybe it was to become a healthier version of you!

Or were you looking to gain more energy?

I can guarantee that you did not walk in these doors saying you wanted to RX FRAN and crush MURPH with a vest on. Yet somewhere along the way we drank the cool-aid and finished it off with a splash of ego. Yep, I said it, you over there who doesn't think you are competitive have slowly become your own worst enemy.

Let me explain, yes everyone has goals and those goals do change over time. However, your ego often stops you from making the best choices for your body. I can't count how many times someone has come to me with an injury, I have suggested modification and next thing I know they are warming up the RX weight on a movement they should not be attempting. Why do you do this to yourselves? Well, it is that little friend ego who does not want to be left out of that ever so special RX.

Here is the reality, always going RX is likely taking your further away from your fitness goals. For many who are not yet ready for those RX weights or movements, we are just putting our bodies through hell and then expecting magic to happen. "Well I am RXing all my workouts, why am I not losing weight?!" or "Wow I am so SORE, I could only workout once this week!" Well no shit!

This is my suggestion, take a step back and reevaluate your goals. If your goals are still the same, to become a better version of you then really think about each WOD and what you can do to become better that day. For example, today's WOD has high sets of wall balls. What if instead of fighting out an RX doing 5 reps at a time, we scaled back the WB weight and aimed for unbroken sets? Or BIG sets! Trust me, this is going to get the heart pumping more than 5 WB at a time ever will. Just think about it, CrossFit is about the workout and what it can do for you, not the RX.

Now, as times goes on and you start reaching those first few goals like weight loss and energy, maybe you are ready to set your sights on RX as a goal. Amazing, yet keep in mind that we can't RX everything all the time. Movements that cause you pain should not be done, no matter how bad you want that RX.

In my opinion, CrossFit is the best method to obtain fitness and health goal but we need to be cautious of what we are asking of our bodies. Most of us are not games athletes so we do not need to suffer through movements that just don't work for us. Next time you are wodding don't be afraid to ditch the RX in the true pursuit of your goals.

Happy Tuesday

Coach Jacqui




Yes, we all do it, we see a WOD with a movement standard that we don't quite have or feel we are miles away from getting and we get discouraged. We may even (but never admit) cherry pick that workout and all of a sudden you are telling your friends it is your "rest day". We may even get anxious because we are unsure of what modifications will be provided or if we will have to try something new.

If this sounds a little bit like you keep reading! In CrossFit, we have so many skill sets that this problem can arise weekly. Yet, Muscle Ups seem to be the one that discourages people the most. Muscle up's the "Holy Grail" of CrossFit gynmastic movements are simply the ability to link a pull motion with a rig dip and in the middle a transition between the two. I know, me simplifying it does it make the situation any different, you still don't have your MU. But, this simplification is EXACTLY what you need to focus on. Keep reading!

In order to perform a MU we need a solid foundation of a Pull, in this case, a Pull-ups, we also need a solid push the ability to press our own bodyweight out of a dip. We know what we need, now time for a little self-reflection. Do you have an unassisted Pull-up (preferable multiple and strict)? Do you have unassisted ring dips? If the answer to both of these is YES then cool. We need to really work with our coaches and focus on your transition and get in some practice on both the high and the low rings. Again time for reflection, when was the last time you practiced? When was the last time you tried false grip? WOD's with MU's is not a time to beat yourself up because you don't yet have yours, they are a time to do exactly what you need. Practice under the skilled eyes of our coaches and be open to feedback.

Now, if you don't have your Pull-ups or Dips that same applies but towards both of these movements. Here we need to focus on the strength (aka going strict) so that we can develop the necessary strength required for a MU. Reading this you may think, "but in class, Sally is doing some fun movement one the rings with a band! Why can't I do that?" 100% you can but keep in mind that Sally may already have the required strength and is working on here transition skills. Or that Sally is just here to get a good sweat on and does not really care about getting her MUs. Instead, she is practicing a safe and fun version of a MU, but it is unlikely going to help her progress without the core movements (Pull-ups and Dips). However, this will help her burn calories and get her towards her goals swich is weight loss and keeping up with her kids.

Movement goals in Crossfit can often seem lofty or unreachable. Remember to take a step back, break down the movement and figure out where its core strength comes from (or ask a coach). Then take a self-reflection and see if those movements are strengths or weaknesses. Then use workouts like today's to dial in on those weaknesses and start building toward those goals.

If you are ever in doubt of what modification is best for you just ask your coach, this is what we are here for.

Coach Jacqui


The OPEN - Thursday Mindset.

Ahh the Open! Full of unknowns, physically challenging, mentally demanding, completely nerve-wracking, and downright uncomfortable... and yet, year after year, hundreds of thousands of people show up to do it. We embrace the suck and grind through five gruelling workouts over five weeks.


This week, I’m challenging you to consider YOUR “why”. Why do you do Crossfit? Why are you committed to being strong and healthy? Why do you want to push your limits? Why is it important that you reach your goals? Why are you participating in the Open?

Understanding and connecting with the emotionally-charged and deeply meaningful reasons WHY you do what you do (in Crossfit and in everyday life) will help you:
- Clarify your goals and define success
- Break through barriers (e.g. that annoying little voice in your head that says you can’t do it)
- Find the courage to take risks (like attempting a PR lift or an RX workout)
- Stay motivated and focused
- Keep showing up week after week

...so what is your “why”?

What will keep you moving when your legs feel like bricks and your lungs are burning? What will you think about to silence that nagging negative voice? Why are you showing up to this competition and how can you use that powerful why to help you?

Get clear about WHY you are doing the Open, and you’ll figure out HOW to get through it.

Uncovering your “why” can be a bit like peeling back the layers of the onion until you get to the core, but it’s well worth the effort! Know yours? Share it below!


Coach Sarah

Member Highlight Whitney


Member Highlight

Hey Whitney!

Thank's so much for sharing your time with us!

Let's get down to it!

Durst- Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Whitney-  My name is Whitney Martin. I am 28 years old and I have a 3 year old son. I work for the federal government, so my day-to-day job involves a lot of sitting and typing at a computer. I started to get into fitness in 2011/2012 after reaching an all-time high weight of 240 pounds. I joined a gym in 2011 and could barely walk on a treadmill without getting winded. I slowly worked my way up to jogging. Over a span of 2 years, I lost 40 pounds. I am still losing more weight thanks to the CrossFit lifestyle (fitness and nutrition!)

CD- That's amazing! Such dedication! How long have you been doing CrossFit now?

WM- I have been doing CrossFit for about two and a half years.

CD- Awesome! What do you love most about CrossFit?

WM- I love that the only person you compare yourself with is yourself. CrossFit is truly about self-improvement as there is always a skill that can be approved or a new one-rep max weight to hit. There is no competition, only support, in the CrossFit community.

CD- You're so right! There is nothing like the support you receive in this community. What has been the biggest change in you since starting CrossFit?

WM- The biggest change in myself since starting CrossFit is an increase in my self-confidence. Before starting CrossFit, I always felt uncomfortable with my body. CrossFit has really shown me what I am capable of both physically (lifting heavy weights, cardio etc) and mentally (completing tough workouts or setting a new personal record for lift). CrossFit has helped me realize that things I viewed as faults for so long are actually positive attributes. For example, I have thick thighs and I’m short- but I can deadlift heavy weight because my body is ideal for that movement. I have also noticed that my body appears leaner and my legs and arms have more muscle definition.

CD- That's incredible! I always hear that CrossFit workouts are all about functional fitness, and will have an effect in everyday life. But people don't always talk about how the confidence from doing these workouts will positively effect everyday life. What are your next CrossFit goals?

WM- I would like to set a new one-rep max of 300 pounds for my Dead Lift, and hit a new one-rep max of 135 pounds for a Power Clean. I have been saying for a year now that I’m going to get a Pull-up, but I think I’m still a bit far from that yet.

CD- Those are some great goals! How has the Durst community changed the way you view fitness/working out?

WM- The Durst community has made me feel like a member of the fitness family. I feel accepted and am always encouraged by everyone at the workouts. I have made many new friends that support me in my fitness and nutrition goals, and always feel comfortable talking to the coaches. At first it was very intimidating because people will watch you (and cheer you on) while you are the last one finishing a workout. However, I now understand that the community wants you to do the best that you can, and the louder they cheer the harder you work! I haven’t worked out in a ‘regular’ gym in over a year because it feels so isolating and judgmental.

CD- That makes me so happy to know that our members are comfortable and feel at home here! 

CD- Before we let you go, one last question. What is your favourite WOD or WOD type?

WM- I really enjoy Chippers because they really test your own mental tenacity, as it is high repetitions and complex movements over an extended period of time. I like doing Chippers after having a hard day at work as I can focus all of my frustrations on completing the movements in the workout. My favourite Hero WOD is Murph, and my favourite CrossFit girl is either Grace or Gwen.

CD- Well with the Open coming up shortly I can only assume that we'll have a few chippers that are going to be testing our mental tenacity!!  

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and being such an amazing member in your Durst community! 

WOD for Mental Health Awareness 2019

On Wednesday, January 30th we asked you the community of Brantford to help us raise Awareness for Mental Health.

All day long we opened our door and invited members and the community to come and workout by donation. We teamed up with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Brant Norfolk chapter to be the recipients of these donations.

The support from the community was outstanding not only did they show up and donation but they also hit Social Media to spread the word about this cause. Many participants went home with shirts designed for the day donated by our friends at Ad Plus Promotions.

Those that came out took on a very tough workout know in CrossFit as the:


Those that came out took on a very tough workout know in CrossFit as the:

“Filthy Fifty”

50 Box Jumps

50 Jumping Pull-ups

50 KB Swings

50 Walking Lunges

50 Push Press

50 Back Ext

50 Wall Balls

50 Burpees

50 DU

All around it was a great day of fitness, awareness, community spirit and we raised $766.00 that will be used to help those in need here in Brantford. Due to the fantastic response from the community, we have decided to make this a yearly event. Thank you for all your support and please mark your calendars for next year Jan 30th, 2020 Mental Health Awareness WOD.

A big thank you to Octopus Red, Ad Plus Promotions, CrossFit Durst Staff and Our Members for helping bring this event together.

Double Under Workshop

Get Ready to finally Nail those DU’s!


Jaclyn Santamaria competed at the provincial, national, and international level, where she represented Team Canada in the 2006 and 2008 world jump rope competitions. She's also a two-time Canadian National Champion, and set a Canadian National Record in 2008 for consecutive triple unders with a score of 171!!

Jaclyn will be joining us at Durst on Saturday, February 16th at 11:00am.

This workshop is intended to teach the Double Under to all athletes and coaches at all levels. It will start with the basics of jumping rope by teaching appropriate rope length, proper positioning, and posture.

We will then work towards achieving the Double Under through a series of skills, drills, and progressions with your skipping ropes and other gym equipment!

To register email Matt at info@crossfitdurst.com, $10 plus HST per person E-transfer or cash accepted.

We're limited to only 20 individuals so sign up quickly!

Brantford Event - Mental Health Awareness Day

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body. But exercise is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It can also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. We hear this all the time from our members, that when they started at CrossFit Durst, they were going through a hard time and that CrossFit is now a huge part of their mental health regiment.

With this in mind, we here at CrossFit Durst in Brantford are hosting a charitable day on January 30th where we are opening our doors to anyone in the community to come out and try a class. We will be taking donations to Bell’s Lets Talk campaign. Our workout that day will have the option to do solo or grab a partner and share the workload. We believe that fitness is just as important to the mind as it is the body. Please join us on January 30th to take part, raise awareness and donations for Mental Health Awareness.

Mental .png

“Depressed, constantly anxious, overwhelmed, irritated and unable to relax or enjoy anything, I made the decision to go to an on-ramp class at a local CrossFit box. To be honest, my goal when walking into that first class on July 4, 2014, was to make it through without crying and without letting on that something was wrong. After I clumsily tried to learn new skills, used a barbell for the first time and did an extremely modified WOD designed for beginners, something unexpected happened.

For the first time in weeks, I felt like I could breathe. The weight on my chest had let up. My body was so spent from the workout, muscles shaking, that I was finally able to do what I had been failing to do for weeks: relax. It felt like all the blood seeped from my brain to my muscles and left me without enough power to think. It was incredible.” - Amy Kievit

Kievit said CrossFit's group setting is great for people who are dealing with anxiety because it reduces the stress a person might experience in a one-on-one session. It also creates community.

Read the full article here: https://journal.crossfit.com/article/cfj-a-membership-for-mental-health

Click here to register for our event on Facebook or email us at info@crossfitdurst.com https://www.facebook.com/events/2580063778886929/

Donations will be collected at the door. $5.00 is our suggested donation.

January Programming Focus at CrossFit Durst

Brantford we have some amazing workouts coming your way this month. It has already been a killer month and it has only just started. Lets take a look at what January is all about.


Jan 1st.

We kicked off the new year by taking on a classic CrossFit Workout called MURPH. This day was a huge success all around because each of these individuals made a donation to the Brantford Food Bank!


Jan. 5th

Our members took on HERO WOD CHAD. 1000 Step ups for time with weight. We also had some special guests join us: Thanks to The Brantford Fire Department for attending our hero WOD event today and raising awareness for mental health and PTSD. They took on "Chad" together in full gear with a time of 45:05!

January and 2019 Overview

Overall in 2019, we want to get back to the basic principles of effective training with a renewed focus on functionality, variance, and intensity. Our long term goal has and always will be to produce the greatest amount of “fitness” -- the ability to do work across many different time domains and many different modalities (aka be a very capable athlete no matter how, what, where, and why). We hope that this broad brand of fitness that carries over outside the walls of the gym and allows you to live your life freely and fully. At CrossFit Durst, you will continue to get a highly varied exposure to functional movements as well as time, volume, and loading ranges. We will vary these elements smartly to produce effective, challenging, and fun workouts. We will use our warm-ups, skills, workouts, and finishers to build confidence and consistency to our major motor patterns. Coaches will guide members to implement intensity carefully...building bulletproof mechanics first, then consistency of those mechanics and finally boosting the intensity. We are very excited to get back to the basics!

In addition, each month of programming will have a slight bias toward one of the 10 General Physical Skills. This bias might not be immediately noticeable; however, each month we will have delineated tests, workouts, skills, or drills that will lend themselves to that month’s particular focus. We will also be angling our CrossFit programming to slightly bias or adjust to the 2019 Open structure. We anticipate building our members toward these tests and then programming the tests during the Open.

January’s specific focus will revolve around COORDINATION via practicing and building common skills that are tested during the Open. Weekly you will see skill development portions to help members build confidence and coordination in a skill before testing it in the workout. In particular we will focus on the Muscle Up, Handstand Push-up, and Double Under as we know these movements will show up in the Open, and we know our members will want to have a plan of attack when they show up!

All this Plus our BURN and BUILD Programming. There truly is something for everyone at CrossFit Durst!

Are you ready to get started with us? Email us today to book your free no- sweat into now. Crossfirdurst@gmail.com

Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is a 6-week online, community-building, habit-changing program which challenges you to create a happier, healthier life by making small, daily changes.


Each day for the duration of the 6-week Challenge, you'll get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits. Playing with your friends and fellow CrossFit Durst members, you’ll score points every day, focusing on 7 key areas of health and well-being:

    • Nutrition

    • Exercise

    • Mobility

    • Sleep

    • Hydration

    • Well-Being

    • Reflect

The 7 Daily Habits work together to create an effect in your life that’s hard to overstate — after a few weeks, you’ll feel rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy (and perhaps even happier).

Even better, you’ll have a base knowledge about health and wellness that will last long after the challenge ends, giving you the tools you need to build a healthier lifestyle for years to come.

The Whole Life Challenge will include before & after workout tests, body measurements, pictures (optional), and self-assessments. You will also select one of three Nutrition Levels (Kick-start, Lifestyle, Performance – full details in the link below) to follow throughout the eight weeks where you will score points daily based on how well you follow your selected Nutrition Level guidelines as well as the rest of the 7 Daily Habits listed above. And just like with your fitness, all we’re looking for is PROGRESS, not perfection!

Support throughout the Challenge will be provided by you and your teammates within our own private online community forum, through advice and guidance from return players, as well as content posted by Whole Life Challenge.

This is open to anyone, not JUST Durst members! Challengers that aren’t Durst members and join our team, will have all Burn and Beginners classes during the 6 week challenge included with their entry fee. Please contact us for details on class times.

So invite your friends!

For more details, check out these links:

Quick Start Gide: https://wholelifechallenge.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203833249-Player-Quick-Start-Guide

The Habits: https://www.wholelifechallenge.com/the-7-daily-habits/

How to Play: https://www.wholelifechallenge.com/howto-play/


Early Return Player Registration – through January 2, 2019

    • $29

Early Registration – through January 2, 2019

    • $39

Normal Registration – after January 2, 2019

    • $49


The Whole Life Challenge meets you where you are, allowing nearly anyone to participate — whether you’re just beginning your journey or you’ve been pursuing health and well-being for a lifetime.

  • You define your exercise.

  • You choose how much sleep to get.

  • You select your hydration goal.

  • And you pick your nutrition level — Kickstart, Lifestyle, or Performance.

And while we’ll help you every step of the way — the real reason the Whole Life Challenge works is it empowers you make the choices that best fit with your life.

 SIGN UP HERE: http://www.whole.lc/wlc1901/pt/crossfitdurst

We can’t wait to help you on your way to create a happier, healthier version of

whole life challenge.png

Get signed up here:


Top 10 Gifts to Buy a CrossFitter this Christmas!

Do you have a CrossFitter in your life?

If you do, you likely didn’t realize how easy they are to buy for!

We have you covered with our top 10 gifts to buy the CrossFitter in your life.

What is even better is that we have tried to keep it LOCAL!


1. Gift Cards

Gift cards to their BOX (their gym). Most CrossFit members pay monthly dues and no one thinks to get them a gift card to apply to those membership dues. This would make any CrossFitter smile!


2. Rep The Gym!

BOX apparel, head into their gym and check out what “gear” they have. Every CrossFitter loves their community and would proudly rep their gym with a new t-shirt or hat!

fleo shorts.jpg

3. Must Have Brands.

Hook them up with some new technical gear. Check out Savage Barbell, FELO Short or Rouge Fitness. Trust us they love this stuff!

barbella box.jpg

4. Subscription Box.

Shopping for the ladies? Check out Barbella BOX. This is a monthly box that is full of goodies specific for CrossFit. You can order a 1 month, 3 months or full year subscription. Check it out: https://www.barbellabox.com

goat tape.jpg

5. The Little Stuff!

CrossFit has lots some great stocking stuffers. Patches, tape, ropes, wrist wraps, and the list keeps going. Head into a CrossFit Box near you and see what they carry.


6. Healthy Food.

Most CrossFitters also try to keep their diet pretty clean. Grab them a gift card to a local health food store or an online meal subscription. One of our favourites is Honey Bee Meals. Check them out here and remind them to use code CFDURST for 10% off their first order. https://honeybeemeals.com


7. Massage & Chiropractor

CrossFitters work their bodies hard and because of that hard work they require a little loving care from the professionals. Check out Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Center or The Massage Addict.




8. Local Spirits.

Crossfitters work hard but they also like to relax and unwind. Most would love a great bottle of wine or a few beers from a local craft brewery. Have you checked out Bell City Brewery or Mash Paddle?



Smart watches that track fitness are all the rave right now. Check out GARMIN, WHOOP or Fitbit.

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10. Books!

CrossFitters love to be inspired. There are some great books out there about CrossFit or defying the odds. Head over to Amazon and just type “CrossFit Books” into the search engine.


Meet Hailey!

Welcome to our weekly Q&A session with our members!

This week we'll be be highlighting someone really special! This week we're highlighting one of our Durst Kids..Hailey Dinsmore!

Lets learn more!

CrossFit Durst- Hey Hailey! Thanks so much for making time for us in your busy schedule! Before we get into CrossFit tell us a bit more about you?

Hailey Dinsmore- I'm 10 years old, I was born in Brantford, I have a baby brother, I love to be active in CrossFit, Soccer, Dance, the Arts, I speak two languages English and French, I love my three dogs, and travel. 

CD- Hailey! You have so much going on, I can't believe you find time to stay that active, learn TWO languages and have time to scratch three bellies! Tell me about how CrossFit keeps you coming back, why do you love it? 

HD- I likes that I get to workout and workout with other kids!

CD- That's really cool, I hear that you don't just like to workout with other kids but you like to also compete against them! What is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since starting CrossFit?

HD- Yes! I just placed third in the Lil Beasts competition at CrossFit Elgin!. Since starting CrossFit I've noticed that I'm stronger, I have increased focus and I feel healthier.

CD- That's incredible! Great job! What are your next CrossFit goals?

HD- My next goal is to get a new PR on the barbell Clean and Jerk (I hit 30 pounds in comp).

CD- Amazing goal! What's your favourite WOD or movement?

HD- My favourite WOD is Mini Murph and my favourite movement is a Burpee! 

CD- Ouuuu Burpees are horrible! They're my least favourite. Why did you join CrossFit?

HD- I joined because my mom was doing CrossFit and I wanted to get stronger.

CD- That's so cool that you and your mom can share the same passion! What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting into CrossFit?

HD- If my friends asked me about CrossFit I would tell them that there's always a new challenge, you can always get stronger/faster, it's never boring and I've made new friends!

CD- That's so cool, Hailey! Thank you again for your time, before we let you go. Do you have anything cool coming up?

HD- My next big adventure will be going to Spain next July where I will get to meet my Spanish relatives...maybe I’ll even get to do a workout at a CrossFit gym (my cousin is a coach at CrossFit Principe)

And there we have it folks! 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know one of the members in our community. 

And don't forget that CrossFit Kids/Teens registration is now open and classes are starting in January!

"The mindset of a champion  isn't something you're born with. It is forged and sharpened through hours of thoughtful practice” -Unknown


Durst Kids and Teens Winter Session.

Let your kids find themselves through fitness.


Kids and Teen classes will be starting up soon!

CrossFit Durst Kids
When: Jan 13 - Mar 31st (Sundays) 
Time: 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM 
Where: 111 Sherwood Drive, Unit 26, Brantford ON
Ages 6-11
Cost: $160 +HST 

CrossFit Durst Teens
When: Jan 8th - Mar 28th (Tuesday/Thursdays) 
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM 
Where: 111 Sherwood Drive, Unit 26, Brantford ON
Ages: 11-16
Cost: $285 +HST

Registration is now OPEN!

Name *

Ragnar Relay - Making Running a Team Sport.



Throw Back Thursday!

2 Vans - 12 People - 300km

There are some events that you will just never forget, and even better you will always remember those who went with you on those crazy adventures.

Last June 12 Durst members decided to take on RAGNAR Niagara Falls. This event is a 300km relay race. We started in Port Colborne Ontario on Friday morning and took turns running one at a time until we reached Niagara Falls on Saturday evening. It may seem pretty straightforward BUT what you forget is that when you are not running, you are in a van supporting your runners along or trying to catch some shut-eye or taking your turn at driving. The relay happens straight through the night. Sleep is rare and occurs where and when you can.

I have so many memories from this event that I could write an entire novel, but for the sake of your time, I will just highlight a few of the best moments here below:

Moment #1 - Our Van door breaking (coming off the tracks) before we even started the race. We made it work, but it did cause some stress and belly laughing along the way.

Moment #2 - Stopping at each of our runners 1/2 waypoints to cheer, provide support, take selfies etc.. As a runner it was such a great mental break to see your van up ahead and your team cheering for you.

Moment #3 - Each of our exchanges with Van #2. As much as we were one big team we really didn’t get to see Van 2 very much. Those few relay exchanges from Van 1 to Van 2 were special moments where the entire group of 12 were together for a brief moment.

Moment #4 - Sleeping in a parking lot! Waking up and looking out the window to see a skunk walking past Jason and Tammy while they slept under the starts. Thankfully no one was sprayed.

Moment #5 - Crossing that finish line as a team of 12 who just did something pretty spectacular. Ragnar has this whole team thing down; even the medals are a team focused. They link to gather like a puzzle piece to reveal a motivational quote. See the picture below.

Think this sounds fun? We have a team being put together for June 2019. Reach out, and let's get you to connect with the team captain.

Lil Beasts Kids Competition

Join us this Saturday the 24th while we cheer on our CrossFit Durst Kids and Teens as they compete in the CrossFit Elgin Lil Beasts Competition!


Lil Beasts 2018 WOD's

WOD #1

6:00 Min AMRAP
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
10 Air-squats

WOD #2
7;00 Min AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 DB Lunge + Press (15/10) (20/15) (30/20)
5 Box jumps

WOD #3
2:00 Min max cal row

WOD #4
5 Pull ups
3 Clean & Jerk (Climbing each round)
Starting weight will be 45/35 for 9-11's and 55/45 for 12-14's
Increasing by 5# for 9-11's and 10# for 12-14's

6-8's will be doing D-ball over bar instead of C&J

WOD's 3 and 4 will run back to back (total time of 8:00min) But scored separately.  


Come cheer on our Durst family while they fight for all the glory and prizes!

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