Gennaro Battista Q&A Member Highlight

Welcome to our weekly Q&A session with our members!

This week we will be be highlighting Gennaro Battista. Gennaro is born and raised in Monteal but ISN'T french (More on this later). He's married, has a 15 month old daughter, is an avid church goer and has only been doing CrossFit since January of 2017!

Lets learn more!

CrossFit Durst- Hey Gennaro! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions! I'm excited so lets get down to it! What is it that you love about CrossFit that keeps you coming back?

Gennaro Battista- Ah, whats not to love!!!! I don’t want to bash other gyms or styles of training. But I am TOTALLY BIASED when it comes to Crossfit. Crossfit is that perfect blend of EVERYTHING an athlete needs to be happy and never get bored. When you hit a PR weight, you aim to lift more. When you hit a PR time, you aim to do it faster. When you successfully accomplish a new movement, you try to perfect it more every time. Crossfit is the perfect sport to keep any individual healthy, learning, pushing, striving.

CD- HAHA that's an amazing answer, you really are jacked up about CrossFit! What is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since starting CrossFit?

GB- Without a doubt my overall physique. The whole philosophy behind “functional movement” REALLY functions lol. The part that shocked me the most was my core / abs. Although I don’t have a 6-pack, I noticed my core becoming defined, without really “targeting” it specifically. And also my chest. I have always struggled with the epidemic of being a flat chested male :) but after almost 2 years, I can see that my chest has grown!

CD- WOO!! Big chest FTW! What are your next CrossFit goals?

GB- GAINS!! Lol coming up on 2 years in January, it’s time I start to take my journey to the next level. I want to become stronger, and I want to get “fitter”. I want to be a mash up of Matt A and Rae LOL #goals #adoptme

CD- HAHA I hope they get a laugh from reading this! What would your favourite workout look like?

GB- Any WOD that is a “grinder”. The ones that your mind keeps telling you before you even hit the half way point that you wanna give up. Those are the ones that give me the most sense of accomplishment (if and when I finish them, that is).

CD- Those are the workouts that you really grow mentally! Can you speak a little bit about the CrossFit Durst community?

GB- I have never been one to look at “going to the gym” as a fun thing. The old traditional gyms suuuuck. It’s more of a fashion statement is most cases. But Durst, man, what a beautiful community. My wife used to think I went for the social aspect, but I always denied it. But when I think of it, it’s true. Being part of the Durst family adds an aspect to my life that I’d hate to lose. Not only for the laughs, but for the drive to be better, push harder, aim higher; NEVER GIVE UP. Yes I am competitive. And I think that most people at Durst have somewhat of a competitive nature. Not a “Ha, I’m better than you” competitive. Rather, a competitiveness that forces individuals to push harder when they see how other individuals are doing. I don’t know, it makes sense in my head lol

CD-  You're right, the community here is very special! What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting into CrossFit?

GB- Check your ego at the door when first getting started. It’s so easy to see people lifting heaving and thinking “I can do that”. And chances are they could do it. But learning the proper form is crucial to have long term success and staying free from injury. And to anyone starting Crossfit, you accepted the fact that yes, Crossfit is expensive. You overcame the hurdle and finally decided to invest in yourself. GOOD FOR YOU. We all work, SO HARD, and so often we can’t justify spending so much money on a gym membership when all other gyms offer their memberships at much less than half the price of Crossfit. Truth is, it’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. It’s hard to really make anyone understand why it’s so great. You really have to try it to understand. It’s not just a gym membership; you’re becoming part of a community that doesn’t judge anyone. No matter your fitness background, at Durst we have a common goal to push each other, we lift each other up when we feel like giving up; we are each other’s strength when the other is weak. You can always count on someone yelling at you to push harder when they see you ready to give up. You WILL NOT find that anywhere else. We. Are. Family.

CD- Thank you so much Gennaro. Before we let you go, we need to give the people what they want. Tell us more about you!!

GB- Born and raised in Montreal. Yes, I speak French, but that doesn’t make me French. And when I speak, my accent isn’t a French one... just saying. I hate when people say “oh you have a French accent” I’ve been living in Brantford since 2011. My career, well... I love telling people what I do because people can’t keep a straight face.... I sell balloons :) and helium of course. I sell to party stores and dollar stores. I’m national sales manager so I get to travel lots, too much at times. Thankfully I am married to an incredible woman who is extremely supportive and understanding. Her name is lidia and she works at Starbucks, so be sure to introduce yourself if you see her there! We currently have an adorable 15 month old baby girl, Alessia. I am an active church goer (when I don’t travel). I love to find any reason to cook some meat on my Traeger. I can sit on the sofa and watch Netflix or Youtube all day er’ day. Christmas is my favourite.

I love food; black, white, purple, whatever, I don’t discriminate.  

And there we have it folks! Keep up the great work and enjoy crushing your new goals, Gennaro!!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know one of the members in our community. 

“CrossFit is a way of life. You eat well, you train hard, you push yourself. It teaches you so much about yourself”
— Ben Smith, CrossFit Athlete

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