Lil Beasts Kids Competition

Join us this Saturday the 24th while we cheer on our CrossFit Durst Kids and Teens as they compete in the CrossFit Elgin Lil Beasts Competition!


Lil Beasts 2018 WOD's

WOD #1

6:00 Min AMRAP
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
10 Air-squats

WOD #2
7;00 Min AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 DB Lunge + Press (15/10) (20/15) (30/20)
5 Box jumps

WOD #3
2:00 Min max cal row

WOD #4
5 Pull ups
3 Clean & Jerk (Climbing each round)
Starting weight will be 45/35 for 9-11's and 55/45 for 12-14's
Increasing by 5# for 9-11's and 10# for 12-14's

6-8's will be doing D-ball over bar instead of C&J

WOD's 3 and 4 will run back to back (total time of 8:00min) But scored separately.  


Come cheer on our Durst family while they fight for all the glory and prizes!

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