Top 10 Gifts to Buy a CrossFitter this Christmas!

Do you have a CrossFitter in your life?

If you do, you likely didn’t realize how easy they are to buy for!

We have you covered with our top 10 gifts to buy the CrossFitter in your life.

What is even better is that we have tried to keep it LOCAL!


1. Gift Cards

Gift cards to their BOX (their gym). Most CrossFit members pay monthly dues and no one thinks to get them a gift card to apply to those membership dues. This would make any CrossFitter smile!


2. Rep The Gym!

BOX apparel, head into their gym and check out what “gear” they have. Every CrossFitter loves their community and would proudly rep their gym with a new t-shirt or hat!

fleo shorts.jpg

3. Must Have Brands.

Hook them up with some new technical gear. Check out Savage Barbell, FELO Short or Rouge Fitness. Trust us they love this stuff!

barbella box.jpg

4. Subscription Box.

Shopping for the ladies? Check out Barbella BOX. This is a monthly box that is full of goodies specific for CrossFit. You can order a 1 month, 3 months or full year subscription. Check it out:

goat tape.jpg

5. The Little Stuff!

CrossFit has lots some great stocking stuffers. Patches, tape, ropes, wrist wraps, and the list keeps going. Head into a CrossFit Box near you and see what they carry.


6. Healthy Food.

Most CrossFitters also try to keep their diet pretty clean. Grab them a gift card to a local health food store or an online meal subscription. One of our favourites is Honey Bee Meals. Check them out here and remind them to use code CFDURST for 10% off their first order.


7. Massage & Chiropractor

CrossFitters work their bodies hard and because of that hard work they require a little loving care from the professionals. Check out Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Center or The Massage Addict.


8. Local Spirits.

Crossfitters work hard but they also like to relax and unwind. Most would love a great bottle of wine or a few beers from a local craft brewery. Have you checked out Bell City Brewery or Mash Paddle?



Smart watches that track fitness are all the rave right now. Check out GARMIN, WHOOP or Fitbit.

book 1.jpg

10. Books!

CrossFitters love to be inspired. There are some great books out there about CrossFit or defying the odds. Head over to Amazon and just type “CrossFit Books” into the search engine.

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