The OPEN - Thursday Mindset.

Ahh the Open! Full of unknowns, physically challenging, mentally demanding, completely nerve-wracking, and downright uncomfortable... and yet, year after year, hundreds of thousands of people show up to do it. We embrace the suck and grind through five gruelling workouts over five weeks.


This week, I’m challenging you to consider YOUR “why”. Why do you do Crossfit? Why are you committed to being strong and healthy? Why do you want to push your limits? Why is it important that you reach your goals? Why are you participating in the Open?

Understanding and connecting with the emotionally-charged and deeply meaningful reasons WHY you do what you do (in Crossfit and in everyday life) will help you:
- Clarify your goals and define success
- Break through barriers (e.g. that annoying little voice in your head that says you can’t do it)
- Find the courage to take risks (like attempting a PR lift or an RX workout)
- Stay motivated and focused
- Keep showing up week after week

...so what is your “why”?

What will keep you moving when your legs feel like bricks and your lungs are burning? What will you think about to silence that nagging negative voice? Why are you showing up to this competition and how can you use that powerful why to help you?

Get clear about WHY you are doing the Open, and you’ll figure out HOW to get through it.

Uncovering your “why” can be a bit like peeling back the layers of the onion until you get to the core, but it’s well worth the effort! Know yours? Share it below!


Coach Sarah

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