Yes, we all do it, we see a WOD with a movement standard that we don't quite have or feel we are miles away from getting and we get discouraged. We may even (but never admit) cherry pick that workout and all of a sudden you are telling your friends it is your "rest day". We may even get anxious because we are unsure of what modifications will be provided or if we will have to try something new.

If this sounds a little bit like you keep reading! In CrossFit, we have so many skill sets that this problem can arise weekly. Yet, Muscle Ups seem to be the one that discourages people the most. Muscle up's the "Holy Grail" of CrossFit gynmastic movements are simply the ability to link a pull motion with a rig dip and in the middle a transition between the two. I know, me simplifying it does it make the situation any different, you still don't have your MU. But, this simplification is EXACTLY what you need to focus on. Keep reading!

In order to perform a MU we need a solid foundation of a Pull, in this case, a Pull-ups, we also need a solid push the ability to press our own bodyweight out of a dip. We know what we need, now time for a little self-reflection. Do you have an unassisted Pull-up (preferable multiple and strict)? Do you have unassisted ring dips? If the answer to both of these is YES then cool. We need to really work with our coaches and focus on your transition and get in some practice on both the high and the low rings. Again time for reflection, when was the last time you practiced? When was the last time you tried false grip? WOD's with MU's is not a time to beat yourself up because you don't yet have yours, they are a time to do exactly what you need. Practice under the skilled eyes of our coaches and be open to feedback.

Now, if you don't have your Pull-ups or Dips that same applies but towards both of these movements. Here we need to focus on the strength (aka going strict) so that we can develop the necessary strength required for a MU. Reading this you may think, "but in class, Sally is doing some fun movement one the rings with a band! Why can't I do that?" 100% you can but keep in mind that Sally may already have the required strength and is working on here transition skills. Or that Sally is just here to get a good sweat on and does not really care about getting her MUs. Instead, she is practicing a safe and fun version of a MU, but it is unlikely going to help her progress without the core movements (Pull-ups and Dips). However, this will help her burn calories and get her towards her goals swich is weight loss and keeping up with her kids.

Movement goals in Crossfit can often seem lofty or unreachable. Remember to take a step back, break down the movement and figure out where its core strength comes from (or ask a coach). Then take a self-reflection and see if those movements are strengths or weaknesses. Then use workouts like today's to dial in on those weaknesses and start building toward those goals.

If you are ever in doubt of what modification is best for you just ask your coach, this is what we are here for.

Coach Jacqui

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