Member Highlight Whitney


Member Highlight

Hey Whitney!

Thank's so much for sharing your time with us!

Let's get down to it!

Durst- Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Whitney-  My name is Whitney Martin. I am 28 years old and I have a 3 year old son. I work for the federal government, so my day-to-day job involves a lot of sitting and typing at a computer. I started to get into fitness in 2011/2012 after reaching an all-time high weight of 240 pounds. I joined a gym in 2011 and could barely walk on a treadmill without getting winded. I slowly worked my way up to jogging. Over a span of 2 years, I lost 40 pounds. I am still losing more weight thanks to the CrossFit lifestyle (fitness and nutrition!)

CD- That's amazing! Such dedication! How long have you been doing CrossFit now?

WM- I have been doing CrossFit for about two and a half years.

CD- Awesome! What do you love most about CrossFit?

WM- I love that the only person you compare yourself with is yourself. CrossFit is truly about self-improvement as there is always a skill that can be approved or a new one-rep max weight to hit. There is no competition, only support, in the CrossFit community.

CD- You're so right! There is nothing like the support you receive in this community. What has been the biggest change in you since starting CrossFit?

WM- The biggest change in myself since starting CrossFit is an increase in my self-confidence. Before starting CrossFit, I always felt uncomfortable with my body. CrossFit has really shown me what I am capable of both physically (lifting heavy weights, cardio etc) and mentally (completing tough workouts or setting a new personal record for lift). CrossFit has helped me realize that things I viewed as faults for so long are actually positive attributes. For example, I have thick thighs and I’m short- but I can deadlift heavy weight because my body is ideal for that movement. I have also noticed that my body appears leaner and my legs and arms have more muscle definition.

CD- That's incredible! I always hear that CrossFit workouts are all about functional fitness, and will have an effect in everyday life. But people don't always talk about how the confidence from doing these workouts will positively effect everyday life. What are your next CrossFit goals?

WM- I would like to set a new one-rep max of 300 pounds for my Dead Lift, and hit a new one-rep max of 135 pounds for a Power Clean. I have been saying for a year now that I’m going to get a Pull-up, but I think I’m still a bit far from that yet.

CD- Those are some great goals! How has the Durst community changed the way you view fitness/working out?

WM- The Durst community has made me feel like a member of the fitness family. I feel accepted and am always encouraged by everyone at the workouts. I have made many new friends that support me in my fitness and nutrition goals, and always feel comfortable talking to the coaches. At first it was very intimidating because people will watch you (and cheer you on) while you are the last one finishing a workout. However, I now understand that the community wants you to do the best that you can, and the louder they cheer the harder you work! I haven’t worked out in a ‘regular’ gym in over a year because it feels so isolating and judgmental.

CD- That makes me so happy to know that our members are comfortable and feel at home here! 

CD- Before we let you go, one last question. What is your favourite WOD or WOD type?

WM- I really enjoy Chippers because they really test your own mental tenacity, as it is high repetitions and complex movements over an extended period of time. I like doing Chippers after having a hard day at work as I can focus all of my frustrations on completing the movements in the workout. My favourite Hero WOD is Murph, and my favourite CrossFit girl is either Grace or Gwen.

CD- Well with the Open coming up shortly I can only assume that we'll have a few chippers that are going to be testing our mental tenacity!!  

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and being such an amazing member in your Durst community! 

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