Macro Friendly Recipes

Let me guess, you started to get on track with your nutrition you figured out macros or calories, and now you feel like you have no clue what to eat or how to track it. I hear you, it can be overwhelming at first so this post is just for you. Below are a few of my go-to websites for healthy macro friendly recipes. These sites provided the macro and calories breakout for you! You can see at a glance if the recipe is going to work within your goals. Enjoy! Most of these recipes are on the lower fat side. You can always add a little fat with nuts or avocado. (VEGAN FRIENDLY) Great recipes but not as much consideration to quality foods, just keep that in mind. No breakouts but I love a lot of these, I use the recipe function in MFP and import the recipe to get the macro break out.

If you have a site that you love and included the macros, please add it to the comments. :)

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Coach Jacqui

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