RX is Overrated!

RX is overrated

Yep, I said it, those two little letters next to your name are actually screwing up your fitness journey! Think about it, why did you get started in CrossFit?

Maybe it was it to lose weight?

Maybe it was to become a healthier version of you!

Or were you looking to gain more energy?

I can guarantee that you did not walk in these doors saying you wanted to RX FRAN and crush MURPH with a vest on. Yet somewhere along the way we drank the cool-aid and finished it off with a splash of ego. Yep, I said it, you over there who doesn't think you are competitive have slowly become your own worst enemy.

Let me explain, yes everyone has goals and those goals do change over time. However, your ego often stops you from making the best choices for your body. I can't count how many times someone has come to me with an injury, I have suggested modification and next thing I know they are warming up the RX weight on a movement they should not be attempting. Why do you do this to yourselves? Well, it is that little friend ego who does not want to be left out of that ever so special RX.

Here is the reality, always going RX is likely taking your further away from your fitness goals. For many who are not yet ready for those RX weights or movements, we are just putting our bodies through hell and then expecting magic to happen. "Well I am RXing all my workouts, why am I not losing weight?!" or "Wow I am so SORE, I could only workout once this week!" Well no shit!

This is my suggestion, take a step back and reevaluate your goals. If your goals are still the same, to become a better version of you then really think about each WOD and what you can do to become better that day. For example, today's WOD has high sets of wall balls. What if instead of fighting out an RX doing 5 reps at a time, we scaled back the WB weight and aimed for unbroken sets? Or BIG sets! Trust me, this is going to get the heart pumping more than 5 WB at a time ever will. Just think about it, CrossFit is about the workout and what it can do for you, not the RX.

Now, as times goes on and you start reaching those first few goals like weight loss and energy, maybe you are ready to set your sights on RX as a goal. Amazing, yet keep in mind that we can't RX everything all the time. Movements that cause you pain should not be done, no matter how bad you want that RX.

In my opinion, CrossFit is the best method to obtain fitness and health goal but we need to be cautious of what we are asking of our bodies. Most of us are not games athletes so we do not need to suffer through movements that just don't work for us. Next time you are wodding don't be afraid to ditch the RX in the true pursuit of your goals.

Happy Tuesday

Coach Jacqui

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