What is it and how to bring it into your routine.

A few months back we started offering our Build program 4 times per week on the schedule. BUILD is different from our regular WOD classes as the focus is purely on strength, power and mobility.

These class run in a 10-week cycle but you can jump in and out anytime. Each day follows its own programming for the 10 weeks. So if on week 1 we are back squatting on Monday, you will know that every Monday will be a focus on squats.

Each class follows the following break out:

Warm up - Specific to the main lift

Main - The focused lift

Secondary - Additional opposition work

Accessory - Cash out to finish off the class

Now how to work this into your training,? We know that life is busy and committing to 4 days a week may not be realistic. But can you commit to one? Or even two? Maybe your weakness is upper body pushing strength (think push-ups) well then Wednesday is your day (see break out below). You can do this instead of the WOD or in addition, depending on your conditioning level. Not sure? Ask a coach for their opinion.

The programming does change every 10 weeks but here is an example of what to expect.

Monday - Squat

Wednesday - Push (Bench or Press)

Friday - Pull (Deadlift or Clean)

Saturday - Body weight and explosive

Can't make our assigned class times? No problem all of the programming including the warm-up is listed in our SugarWOD app for members to access. You can truly get this done when it works for you. Rock out open gym times or grab a squat rack during class time. Not sure about a movement as a coach.

This is a great perk to any CrossFit membership, take advantage and start turning those weaknesses into your strengths.

Coach Jacqui

Photo credit: Sherry Smith Photography

Model: Member Tammy Sault

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