Come in and meet our coaches and we'll tell you how we can help you meet your goals!

Welcome to CrossFit Durst!

Chances are, you’re here because a friend brought you. Most of us came to Durst the same way. When we started, we had a lot of questions and we were not really sure how to get start. Book your no sweat intro today. You will meet with one of our certified coaches to find out how we can help you reach your goals big or small. 

We often get asked what Durst Means? We think the dictionary sums it up nicely: 

durst:  past tense of dare


have the courage to do something.

synonyms: beING brave enough, have the courage; More

defy or challenge (someone) to do something.

take the risk of BEING brave.

Basically it is an old English word that means to Achieve Something with Courage and Boldness. We think this applies to each and every one of our members who found the courage to walk through our doors and take the first steps to changing their lives. 

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